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Month: October, 2012

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DePaul Women’s Soccer vs Rutgers

Gametime: Noon on 10/05/2012

On chilly and damp day in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, DePaul’s women’s soccer team battled fellow Big East member Rutgers in a conference matchup. At DePaul’s wish field, the team came into play 7-6-1 and 2-3 in the Big East.

Suffering two Big East losses in a row, DePaul came into play looking for an important conference win against a Rutgers team 1-5 themselves in the Big East, but featuring Jonelle Filigno, herself a bronze medalist with Team Canada in the World Cup. Filigno would have the final say in the match.

DePaul suffered a 1-0 loss to Rutgers in Overtime. Filigno received a pass from teammate Cassie Inacio in the box and was able to kick it past DePaul goalie Megan Pyrz into the right corner of the goal. Pyrz had 4 saves before the killing blow, dropping her to 7-5-1 on the season.

DePaul head coach Erin Chastain acknowledged that stopping Filigno was part of DePaul’s game-plan. “We tried to be physical and prevent her from facing up and running at us because that’s where she’s really dangerous.”

503 fans were in attendance of the game, well over the average amount, due to the presence of Chicago Public School trip. Students from St. Clements, Finkl, Claremont, and Belmont-Craigin enjoyed the game, adding a level of energy and enthusiasm which showed.

DePaul’s team outplayed the Scarlet Knights for the first two periods, earning four more corners and 7 less fouls. They kept possession  ran harder, were more physical, but couldn’t find a way to score a goal.

One of DePaul’s best opportunities came during the 10 second countdown of the first period. DePaul had a clean breakaway, but Rebekah Roller was fouled with 6 seconds on the clock, resulting in free kick. The kick was deflected by Rutgers as the period came to an end.

The team and head coach Chastain knew they had squandered an opportunity. “We threw away a good opportunity we’ve got to go and and get wins” Chastain said.

Filigno scored her game-winner 38 seconds in the overtime period, leaving the crowd stunned at the sudden turn of events. Filigno’s fellow Knights rushed onto the field, many kicking and screaming in the joy of a game-winning goal.

DePaul is scheduled to play Seton Hall in their next match, who themselves are struggling in the Big East with a conference record of 1-6 for the Pirates. Head coach Chastain explained that it would be an important match, but that “Seton Hall is fighting for wins too.”

DePaul’s Briana Rice was impressive for most of the game, hustling up and down the pitch, but also being the most physically  dominating player on either team. She was fouled hard towards the end of the game, and was slow to get up, as play gradually became more chippy especially on the Rutgers side. Rainfall also increased in the second period as temperatures dropped to lows uncommon for early Fall.

Game Note:

3 minutes into the second period a Rutgers and Depaul player collided in a nasty collision in front of the DePaul goal. DePaul’s Sarah Gorden stayed down for a minute with what initially appeared to be a neck injury from the way she was holding her head. Shaken up, she was walked off the field under her own power. She would return a few minutes later after trainers checked her out. After the game, Gorden said she thinks she just punctured a nerve.


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