Great Online Sports Storytelling

In a world with a need for immediacy, ESPN and its affiliates delivers all the breaking news on every team in every major sports of interest in this country. Every possible opinion, angle, motive, injury, or replay is instantly available via social media, the internet, and television in a 24/7 news cycle. Sports writers are joined by countless bloggers (myself included), who will tell you just how bad Mark Sanchez is, or their take on Joe Paterno’s legacy.

Anyone can write a story about sports but only a few are actually gifted storytellers. While anyone can give you statistics and opinions, a sports storyteller digs deep into the heart of a subject, and captivates their readers with in depth features that few writers can pull off in this day and age. There is an art to telling a good story, and sports stories are no different. Here are some of the best stories and writers of today’s day and age that I have read.

Bill Simmons is the easy one, and one that I will get out of the way write away. Nobody can deny that this man is one of the most gifted writers alive. Not only is he witty, sarcastic, and engaging, but he is one of the most likable, unique and knowledgeable writers and person out there. This article written after the LBJ decision is a perfect example of Simmons providing a unique perspective and story that a reader is actually motivated to read from top to bottom.

A recent story following Sunday night’s Patriots-Ravens game on Torrey Smith. Every NFL writer picked up this tragic story, but it takes skill to integrate the love of the game into the realities of life, done well in a simple yet compelling story here.

An example of a very simple article covering the Lance Armstrong banning. The article is well written, concise, and captures in an organized fashion everything a reader would want to know.

Finishing with a classic, this is a pure, through and through, tennis article. If you are a tennis fan and were as captivated by the great Rodger Federer as I was back in his prime, than you will appreciate this article even more than the average reader. That being said, even if you are not a tennis fan, this is an amazing article providing fantastic insight, that is well organized and is a darn good story.